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Books and stationary in Neuss

Choice is one of the most important aspects of normal life that tends to be missing when expats live in a country with a foreign language. The luxury of alternatives suddenly becomes something that has come naturally and was often taken for granted.

That holds true especially when it comes to books and films. Yes, streaming movies or ordering books online are great options. But even though English language books may be rare and choice most likely limited in the new location, nothing beats browsing prior to buying.


Centrally located on the Büchel, the main shopping thoroughfare in Neuss, the highly respected Mayersche chain of bookstores, Buchhandlungen, sells English language books.

Take the opportunity to browse their collection, pause for thought in their reading corner, Lese-Ecke, and acquire a taste of purchases before heading out.

Büchel 32
41460 Neuss
+49 2131 313 7640

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