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Original language movies are fortunately alive and well in Neuss and Düsseldorf. They are available to expats in a number of cinemas. Showings are mostly in original with subtitles, known as OmU, Original mit Untertitel or without depicted as OV, Original Version.

Locally, UCI Kinowelt and Kino Hitch show English language films occasionally. Art house or independent movies are especially popular amongst residents, while blockbusters naturally have a good following.

Many films produced in English are screened in movie theatres for several days or weeks, others for much shorter periods. Fortunately local residents also enjoy the original versions of French, Spanish, Arabic and other languages that appear in OmU from time to time too.

Try the Düsseldorf movie theatres for a great selection of up to date entertainment. Keep your eye out too for occasional specials at the Filmmuseum.


Located beside the commercial harbour basin, the UCI movie theatre occasionally screens films in original language. Although some may be screened in original version, they are normally available in original version with subtitles, OmU.

This modern cinema has typically spacious theatres, large screens and often shows blockbusters.

Batteriestrasse 7
41460 Neuss
+49 2131 238 00


Hitch cinema is a gem for movie goers. The movie theatre is located beyond in the city centre in the county municipal building. In Neuss, it is considered the true home for films and for those screened in original language.

Their cozy premises offer a couple of mid-sized screens. Occasional films are shown in original English with subtitles, OmU. French and other languages are popular too.

Oberstrasse 95
41460 Neuss
+49 2131 940 002




Some events pop up only briefly.
Many activities are small or unique.
Such occurrences are published in this
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A good few statutory holidays
offer most residents in Neuss
quality time throughout the year.
Of religious or political nature,
some regional, others nationwide.

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