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The Location


Amazing Capitals are informative eGuides full of insights at the heart of the expat experience. Each one is dedicated to helping international specialists and residents make choices, settle and participate in the unique local culture of their new location.

Appearing in a fresh design, Amazing Capitals Neuss is one of the earliest additions to the portfolio. It covers life in the attractive location and former settlement on the river Rhine. Enjoy!

Life can at times feel upside down when choosing to relocate. With the world at your feet, the lure of dozens of foreign places can be tempting. Criteria such as the process of immigration, degree of welcome and ease of learning a local language are just a few deciding factors.

Neuss offers assistance to make the process smooth and is a genuinely friendly place to relocate to, live in and achieve high quality of life.


City guides for expats

Amazing Capitals Neuss is full of insights for international residents. It is dedicated to helping internationals make choices, settle and participate. Enjoy the city!

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