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Markets in Neuss

Most shoppers partake of one stop shopping for whatever reason, be it time, convenience or price. The opportunity of buying fresh produce on an open air market stand still exists in several neighbourhoods in Neuss for consumers that enjoy the alternative.

One central example is at the junction of Büchel & Markt on weekdays from Tuesday to Friday.

The benefits of eating fruit and vegetables on our wellbeing are undeniable. While evidence has been mounting for decades, the availability of the freshest of such sustenance is not so widespread.

The tradition of markets reaches back to the year 1138. Nowadays, six Krammärkte take place throughout the year while the popular fish markets are normally held four times each year.


Six times throughout the year, dealers of the Krammärkte gather around the Quirinus, Freithof and beyond. They offer such things as herbs, curtains, pottery, clothes pegs and all manner of other wares.

Visitors enjoy the intimate atmosphere in the centre of Neuss, especially when the weather is appealing. Individual dates can be found in Happenings.

Bürger- und Ordnungsamt
41460 Neuss
+49 21 31 903 201


The fish market takes place on several regular occasions through the year. Stands are set up in the town centre of Neuss and attract a good clientele.

Many seasonal products including a wide range of fish and crustaceans are available from assorted vendors creating an inspiring scent of the ocean. Individual dates can be found in Happenings.

Neuss Marketing
Oberstrasse 7-9
41460 Neuss
+49 2131 908 300

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