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Tap water in Germany is perfectly safe to drink. In fact it frequently tests better than most bottled waters. Germans carry and drink vast amounts of bottled water too. Sparkling water, Mineralwasser or Sprudelwasser, is carbonated, natural or still water, Stilles Wasser, is not. They are available from every supermarket and corner shop as well as from specialised beverage stores, Getränkehallen, which also deliver.

Another popular drink in Neuss and elsewhere in Germany is a blend of apple juice and sparkling water, Apfelschorle. Fruit and vegetable juices are also highly popular and very regulated. German labelling regulations differentiate between fruit juice, Fruchtsaft, containing 100% fruit juice, either from concentrate or direct, nectar, Nektar, with 25% to 50% fruit juice and often sugars as well as fruit juice beverage Fruchsaftgetränk, which can contain as little as 6% real juice. Unfortunately this is often created with a generous dose of sweeteners and artificial flavourings.

A German soft drink specialty is a blend of cola and orange soda known as a Spezi and a local classic is a brand of cola registered in 1931 called Africola.

Alcoholic beverages can be found found in all supermarkets, corner shops and kiosks as well as specialist wine shops and even petrol stations. Hundreds of brands of beer are brewed in Germany, wines are available from many regions of the country as are several spirits. The beer in the region is a copper coloured brew known as old beer, Altbier or merely Alt, brewed from dark malts, which give it its characteristic crisp taste and colour.

By Vincent Green, Feb 11 2020

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Discussions are ongoing to create a pathway that loops around Neuss following the footprint of the medieval walls. Meanwhile, enjoy the walkways along the canal, spaces near the Rhine and tracking down many ancient buildings in the city.


Many open spaces entice hikers into the surrounding countryside. Try heading out to the wonderfully peaceful and natural, reclaimed spaces along the Dutch border. The Ruhr region to the east provides more inspiring landscapes with hills and forests.




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Many activities are small or unique.
Such occurrences are published in this
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A good few statutory holidays
offer most residents in Neuss
quality time throughout the year.
Of religious or political nature,
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