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Quality fast food in Neuss

Mostly tasty, normally far too fatty, containing few vitamins but quick. Fast food is something we all turn to at some time, when needing to grab a bite on the go.

The local snack bar, Imbiss, can be found on many streets serving typical national and traditional gastronomic specialties such as sausage, Wurst, or grilled chicken, Hähnchen.

Owing to a large share of the population originating from countries such as Turkey, many great fast food places offer kebab, Döner, which has been nationalised into the local diet.

Neuss is a target to a few of the usual American and international fast food chains too. The brands are obvious to passers by.


Anyone who has discovered the phenomenal food in Thailand yearns for authenticity when trying Thai dishes elsewhere. The owner of Lay Thai strikes to fulfil those expectations of her clientele with traditional cooking in Neuss.

Fresh ingredients are combined with a home grown approach, avoiding unnecessary additives. Her freshly prepared meals created from a comprehensive menu are well appreciated.

Venloer Strasse 62
41462 Neuss
+49 2131 886 5655


Anatolia is a traditional Turkish restaurant in Neuss offering delicious fast foods especially for anyone who enjoys meat. Whether as a kebab, grilled, barbecued or in delicious,  oven baked dishes their menu is expansive.

Salads, rice, typical breads and soups such as lamb’s tongue, as well as tasty, thick, chickpea.

Krefelder Strasse 64
41460 Neuss
+49 2131 176 0490




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