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Breweries in Neuss

The one remaining brewery “Im Dom” offers beer brewed according to the so-called Reinheitsgebot, Purity Decree, from 1516, an early consumer protection initiative. The Beer here is an excellent, example of the local dark regional brew known as Altbier, old beer.

The tradition of brewing beer in Germany reaches back many, many centuries. The breweries in the region are justifiably proud of their beer. The Purity Decree is also considered to be a way to protect brewers, so regulations now allow foreign beers with other additives.


The region around Neuss has seen many breweries build up over the centuries. The one and only survivor is the brewery Im Dom which creates delicious local a brew for beer drinkers. The brewery is complemented by a rustic restaurant serving traditional food.

They also serve three beers. They are an Alt, which is a dark beer, Gold and Weizen, both light beers as well as a variety of seasonal brews.

Michaelstrasse 75-77
41460 Neuss
+49 2131 275 599




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A good few statutory holidays
offer most residents in Neuss
quality time throughout the year.
Of religious or political nature,
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