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Speciality food in Neuss

Many diners enjoy eating meals prepared with ingredients considered healthier for the body and soul. That can have a religious background, though many turn to vegetarian or vegan cuisine for reasons of common sense, upbringing or simple changes in awareness.

Restaurants offering speciality dishes are unfortunately few and far between in Neuss. Vegetarian and especially vegan establishments have faced difficulties to establish themselves over the years. Modern Asian restaurants often offer ingredients that are more pure.


Veggie Oase is a delightful, cosy and ideal port of call for vegetarians, vegans or others simply in the mood for delicious, flavourful meals that are free from any animal produce.

A stone’s throw from Markt, their dishes reveal a wide variety of ingredients full of protein and nourishment for their clientele to eat healthy pulses, pasta, soups and, naturally, veggies.

Oberstrasse 68
41460 Neuss
+49 2131 524 0940

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