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Using an agency can provide a level of support to start a new life and job while completing the transition into a new environment smoothly. Especially those with local knowledge.

Experienced corporation representatives and streetwise expats recommend utilising the thorough overview and professional support offered. However, according to sources within the industry only a third of moves are handled by a relocation agency.

Relocation is far more than just moving to a new house in a new location. Neuss is a compact place, so identifying the right suburb to relocate into is fairly easy. Busy expats may not have the time to investigate the surrounding villages and weigh the sometimes hidden pros and cons of a locality.

Professional assistance for relocating is at hand in the region for both companies and individuals. 


Progedo’s mission is to get new employees up to speed as quick and smoothly as possible. That includes the search for housing and logistics of a move through to the completion of all related formalities, which can include speeding up the process of integration.

Their efficient process includes dealing with local labour law requirements, language courses and cultural awareness training. Knowledgable on the Neuss environment.

Johannstrasse 37
40476 Düsseldorf
+49 800 776 4336

A brief history of Neuss

One of the three oldest Roman settlements in Germany reveals a story covering over 2,000 years. Progressive developments include Napoleonic rule and that of Prussia before becoming part of North-Rhine Westphalia.