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Getting Around


Local buses running across a widespread network are operated by the Stadtwerke Neuss. Modern and clean, they travel throughout Neuss and across the county to outlying villages. Trams run through the centre of Neuss, connecting to the overground and underground system in Neighbouring Düsseldorf. Operated by the Rheinbahn.

The area is part of the regional Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr, VRR, the organisation which links services in the Rhine Ruhr and Lower Rhine regions. Benefits include standard prices set yearly by local political and administrative institutions and validity of tickets across the region.

Modern service attitudes make it possible for the driver to halt between bus stops during off peak hours and arranging for a taxi to meet the bus if desired.

By Vincent Green, Mar 11 2020

Stadtwerke Neuss GmbH

Moselstrasse 25-27
41464 Neuss

+49 2131 531 00


Düsseldorf has one of the world’s most accessible airports. It is a mere ten kilometres from the city centre and there are a number of ways to travel to and from Neuss including taxi and public transport.