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Finding a taxi on the street in Neuss is fairly easy. It is constantly practiced by locals, since taxis are readily available at ranks that are  visible within the centre. The vehicles are always white and they can be of varying make or model. Many still use the phone.

Taxi fares are quite reasonable for short journeys in the city. A rule of thumb is approximately 2 € per kilometre. A ride between the airport and downtown amounts to some € 30 – € 45, depending on traffic and time of day. Prices are higher at night or on Sundays and holidays.

Calling for a taxi is possible 24/7 with the local company Taxi Neuss.

Free Now and Talixo apps are available as well as in German language. Blacklane offers upscale limousine rides and Uber is available in Düsseldorf.

By Vincent Green, Mar 12 2020

Funk-Taxi-Zentrale Neuss IG

Mosel Strasse 31
41464 Neuss

+49 2131 222 222


Trams run through the centre of Neuss, connecting to the overground and underground system. Modern and clean local buses run across a widespread network.

A brief history of Neuss

One of the three oldest Roman settlements in Germany reveals a story covering over 2,000 years. Progressive developments include Napoleonic rule and that of Prussia before becoming part of North-Rhine Westphalia.