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Hopping on a bike, taking a ride and discovering the region can be very enjoyable and most rewarding. Plenty of cycle paths can be found along the banks of the Erft, Ruhr and Rhine rivers. Many smaller rivers and the canals also offer wonderful trips.

In fact, the whole state of NRW offers an almost perfect, broad network of circular cycling routes. Red-white or green-white coloured displays placed at the waysides show routes and their lengths. Short and long distance trains as well as trams are very helpful since they facilitate the transport of bikes.

The most liked and truly beautiful landscapes cyclists can explore nearby by bike are the Munsterland, the Lower Rhine and diverse routes from the Ruhr area to the Sauerland. Many of these pathways lead through nature parks and conserved landscapes. With an eye on streams, woods and cottages, it is possible to gain an impression of the region and the people living here.

Another example is the “Erlebnisweg Rheinschiene”, which leads along both banks of the Rhine for over 360 kilometres. Another is the Ruhrtal Radweg” covering 230 kms across flat terrain through cities and countryside.

Finally, a competition across Germany elects the friendliest city for cyclists every year. A visit to Munster reveals why this city has been chosen more than once. The finest facilities for cyclists are to be found everywhere and rumour has it, that there are more bicycles than inhabitants.

By Vincent Green, Mar 5 2020

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Girls dancing


Happenings can vary from celebrations to mark an opening or anniversary to a market or a one off concert. The community is quick to pick up on such events, creating gatherings large and small.

Artists performing


Barely a week goes by without an event or activity happening in Neuss. Two major annual events take place here every year that have attained both national and international renown. Choose authentic performances at the Shakespeare Festival or powerful emotional displays at the International Dance Weeks.