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Health & Wellbeing


The variety of sports activities available In and around Neuss is quite surprising. Come rain or shine, summer or winter, it is possible to spend time keeping active and upping personal feel good factors. Skiing, golf, soccer, diving and many indoor sports are all on offer.

The geology of the region encouraged deep quarries to be created across the countryside to provide rocks for cement. When they outlive their use, these spaces are landscaped and flooded to create fresh water lakes. They thus become ideal for recreation, sometimes water sports.


In the Grimlinghausen superb of Neuss a fascinating diving centre has been created next to the flooded quarry.

The plan has always been to sink several objects into the fairly deep waters to create a local paradise for all those who love the sensation of spending time under water to dive around.

Wasser Sport Zentrum
Am Blankenwasser 16
41468 Neuss
+49 2131 467 970


Two courses to play golf and a driving range are in use at Hummelbachaue. They have a more challenging eighteen hole course with several streams, ponds and bunkers as well as a nine hole course for the less experienced.

The largest training centre in Germany also awaits players wishing to develop their skills.

Golf + Sport GmbH & Co KG
Am Golfplatz 1
41469 Neuss
+49 2131 919 10


The Eissporthalle, ice skating rink, welcomes skaters of all ages along to spin a few rounds on the ice. The rink is open to the public several times a week throughout the winter months.

It is possible to rent skates at the sports facility when necessary.

Stadtwerke Neuss GmbH
Moselstrasse 27a
41464 Neuss
+49 2131 531 0135


Germany’s original indoor ski slope offers a unique indoor skiing experience just down the road from Neuss. The 300 metre slope is designed with various skiers in mind.

Children and beginners can use the more gentle slopes with an easier gradient of 10 to 18 percent. More experienced and professional skiers or snowboarders will prefer the steeper upper slope with 28 percent incline.

Allrounder Mountain Resort GmbH & Co Kg
An der Skihalle 1
41472 Neuss
+49 2131 124 40


Germans thoroughly enjoy sports and keeping fit, which is reflected in the number of clubs, Vereine, in Neuss. Some one hundred and twenty five sports clubs are registered. For expats wishing to take up sports with others, a sport art can be found for virtually all healthy-minded.

The Stadt Sport Verband Neuss lists them all on their website. Search by selecting the chosen sport, Sportangebot, to reveal a list  of relevant clubs.

Stadtsportverband Neus eV
Rheinstrasse 18
41460 Neuss
+49 2131 241 95


Surprisingly, Neuss has three swimming pools available for use by its residents. The Stadtbad, town baths, has waves, the Südbad, south baths, has an outdoor pool and sauna and the Nordbad, north baths, whilst smaller, has a roof that can be opened.

The City energy company subsidiary performs other services too and are responsible for running the city’s recreational facilities.

Stadtwerke Neuss GmbH
Moselstrasse 27a
41464 Neuss
+49 2131 531 0135

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