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Health & Wellbeing


The term wellness is hard to grasp in black and white. To some, the emphasis is on state of mind, of good mental and emotional health. To others it may be more about eating wisely or thoughtfully and exercising every day, so thus about physical health.

Many genres of activities can be considered beneficial to our state of wellness. Firstly, those that promote mindfulness such as yoga and meditation. Others include spas, massages and perhaps such delightful acts of pampering as a sauna.


Some six different types of saunas and a natural bathing pool await visitors to the Wellneuss centre who wish to relax body, mind and soul.

Spa treatments, massages and special bath teatments are also on offer in the enjoyable wellness landscape on the southern outskirts of Neuss.

Stadtwerke Neuss GmbH
Moselstrasse 27a
41464 Neuss
+49 2131 531 0135

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