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Informative themes, other sources of interest, guidance and topics that help expats get informed the greater aspects of life in Neuss.

Politics, such as information concerning elections, media channels, as well as alternative platforms for information are featured.


Amazing Capitals is a comprehensive guide to inform and assist expats with their general life topics while providing expansive and important knowledge. Media sites can help day to day.

A great online source of news in English for expats in Neuss is Deutsche Welle with expansive coverage plus streaming. A renowned German publication Der Spiegel is known for its well researched and investigative qualities. They issue a selection of articles in English through their newsletter and publish them online too. English language The Local is subscription only.


The publisher of Amazing Capitals strives to create and maintain the most comprehensive and reliable guide to inform and assist expats in Neuss. Others help too. I am not exclusive and so I naturally welcome anyone who dedicates their time and effort to the mission of helping to enable expats lead better and hopefully happier lives in their new home.

Jenna in Düsseldorf runs a great blog Life in Düsseldorf covering the neighbouring city with many interesting articles relevant to international residents.

The city guide for expats

Amazing Capitals Neuss is a fresh and informative location guide full of insights for expats. It is dedicated to helping international professionals make choices, settle and participate in Neuss, the city on the Rhine with Roman and medieval origins.