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© Presseamt Neuss
© Presseamt Neuss

Germany is a clean country and its residents like it that way. A functioning system of waste disposal and especially recycling has been set in place since the early days of debate on climate change. The local company that collects refuse, AWL, is a subsidiary of Neuss authorities. Privatisation is less advanced than in other countries with private enterprise nestled at both ends of the cycle that rules over the big business of rubbish.

The waste disposal system is efficient and reliable even if massive trucks trucks make a great deal of noise and sometimes cause traffic delays in the streets.


Recycling starts in the home. Aiming to save important resources, the Germans are famous for having one of the most logical and efficient recycling systems in the world.

Various coloured bins are available at home and in apartment blocks. Grey, grau, is for general waste, while the blue ones, blau, are for paper and cardboard. Choose yellow, gelb, for plastic, metal and drink cartons. Lastly, the brown, braun, bins are for biological, food and garden waste. Collections take place at predetermined intervals, depending upon the type of bin and location.

All glass bottles and jars belong in large recycling bins placed on the street. To reduce noise for neighbours, please only use them from Monday, Montag, thru Saturday, Samstag, between 7 am and 7 in the evening.

Batteries should be brought back to shops that sell them. Packaging can either be left at the store, returned or taken away when delivery has been ordered.

Electronics and other waste such as chemicals need to be collected or delivered. The fascinating system for bulkier objects and waste, Sperrmüll, is terrific for disposing of items such as furniture. Since many people like to grab a bargain, one person’s junk turns into someone else’s prize. The purest form of recycling!

By Vincent Green, Mar 17 2020

Abfall- und Wertstofflogistik Neuss GmbH

Moselstrasse 27a
41464 Neuss

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Discussions are ongoing to create a pathway that loops around Neuss following the footprint of the medieval walls. Meanwhile, enjoy the walkways along the canal, spaces near the Rhine and tracking down many ancient buildings in the city.


Germans, on the whole, love and respect pets and are friendly towards dogs. Dogs are permitted on public transport and inside restaurants but keeping a pet on a leash is a must. Dog ownership is highly regulated and taxed through a compulsory licence fee.




Some events pop up only briefly.
Many activities are small or unique.
Such occurrences are published in this
source of surprise and discovery.

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A good few statutory holidays
offer most residents in Neuss
quality time throughout the year.
Of religious or political nature,
some regional, others nationwide.

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