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Updated April 3 2022


As is the case across the globe, life in Germany has been heavily impacted by the Corona virus known as SARS-CoV-2 or Covid19. While society is going through many stages of the pandemic, the Office of Economic Development is informing the business community and beyond.

Several phone numbers are available for enquiries:

  • Immediate assistance for companies +49 208 300 0439
  • CoronaCare shopping support for elderly and impaired +49 2131 909 050
  • City closures, times of opening and appointments +49 2131 909 090
  • Concerning full or part time schools and kindergardens +49 2131 909 080
  • For all medical concerns +49 2181 601 7777

Latest information relevant to Neuss will be published here as it becomes available from the Office of Economic Development or the Press Office. Validity of links and content lie within their area of responsibility.

April 3

With the expiry on April 2 2022, the possibility of maintaining protective measures by the Länder provided for in Section 28a (10) of the Federal Infection Protection Act ended. The new Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, effective as of today, therefore eliminates the majority of the remaining restrictions.

Abolition of 2Gplus, 3G and the general obligation to wear a mask indoors: On the homepage we have summarised for you which regulations will be dropped as of today and where the wearing of masks and the submission of tests will still be mandatory. You can also read about recommendations that the state makes in annexes to the ordinance for private individuals as well as for companies and events that go beyond the legal minimum standard. As repeatedly announced, we hope to be able to stop sending this Corona Update soon.

Subscribe to the Business Development Newsletter: We would like to keep you informed about our activities. In May and June, the City of Neuss is organising two congresses aimed specifically at company representatives. On May 27, we are expecting Prof. Julian Nida-Rümelin and the former Minister of Economics and Foreign Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel, among others, to attend the Business Congress as part of the Hansa Convention 2022 in the Zeughaus. At the Future Congress on June 10, we want to take a closer look at Neuss as a location and the challenges posed by digitalisation, climate change, etc.

March 19

The abolition of all restrictions to combat the Corona pandemic was planned for March 20 2022. Once again, things turned out differently. As with other federal states, North Rhine-Westphalia has ordered the continuation of numerous measures for a transitional period with the new Corona Protection Ordinance that comes into force today. We have compiled a list of the restrictions that will remain in force until April 2 2022 and the relaxations that will now come into force on the homepage. Further information can be found on the website of the state of NRW.

Concerning Ukraine: With her online platform for buying and selling pre-loved clothes for children, founder Manu Dörr sets an example for sustainable consumption. With the Neuss-based start-up “Donation Box”, Ms Dörr is now putting together clothing sets for children who have fled Ukraine. In cooperation with the municipal first reception centre in Neuss, the donation boxes will be packed according to need for the arriving children starting this week and made available to them free of charge. This is an enormous support, as many could only flee with little luggage and especially small children grow out of their clothes within a few weeks. You can find more information about the start-up and the possibilities for support in the form of clothing donations on the Loribox homepage.

March 4

Today, Friday, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia implemented the second step of the opening perspective agreed upon by the federal and state governments. You will find the most important changes in brief on our homepage as well as in detail on the pages of the State Ministry of Health.

As expected, clubs and discotheques are allowed to reopen. Here, 2G-plus applies. On the other hand, the hospitality industry may also offer its services to non-immunised persons, provided they can show a negative rapid test, 3G. This also applies to cultural institutions as well as to sports activities indoor and outdoor. The remaining access restrictions will no longer apply to children and adolescents up to and including 17 years of age.

February 19

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? The decisions taken at the Conference of Minister Presidents last Wednesday give reason to hope so. Te restrictions currently in place to combat the corona pandemic are to be dropped in three stages by March 20 2022. Today we inform you about the current developments.

NRW implements first opening step of MPC. As of today, Saturday, NRW has implemented the MPK’s decision and included the first openings in the new Corona Protection Ordinance. With the abolition of access restrictions in trade, the problem of carrying out spot checks and the responsibility for persons not included in the spot check without sufficient immunisation, which had recently arisen with 2G regulations, is also no longer applicable. We had recently received queries about this.

We have summarised the changes for you in compact form on the homepage. Details can also be found on the pages of the State of NRW.

Council decides on further relief for Neuss catering industry. The catering industry is not the beneficiary of the first relaxation. Here, at least, 2G-Plus applies until the second opening stage comes into force. But the city of Neuss is not abandoning its restaurateurs. Ever since it became clear that the hospitality industry would be one of the sectors hit particularly hard by the pandemic, the city administration in the Neuss city hall has sought to close ranks with Neuss restaurateurs. At a round table, the economic development agency brings together representatives of the authorities, including the public order office, the office for traffic affairs and Neuss Marketing, on the one hand and representatives of the Neuss gastronomy on the other to discuss problems and approaches to help. The measures considered sensible by this advisory body are being proposed to politicians for decision.

In its meeting yesterday, Friday, the council of the city of Neuss decided to extend the existing assistance. Accordingly, the city of Neuss will also refrain from charging terrace fees in the summer of 2022. It is also already certain that restaurateurs will be allowed to continue opening and furnishing terraces in public spaces in the winter season of 2022-2023 free of charge! Details can be found in the administration’s consultation document, which received the unqualified approval of the councillors on Friday.

January 17

Exemptions from the compulsory test for “2G plus: Last Thursday, we presented the conditions under which “boostered” persons do not have to present an additional test within the framework of “2G plus”. And we reported on the special feature for people who received their first vaccination with the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. Due to the reference to the “Covid 19 Protective Measures Ordinance” in the Corona Protection Ordinance, these persons were generally considered “boosted” after two doses of vaccination.

This was probably not the intention. As the state of NRW has now clarified in a new version of the Corona Protection Ordinance, an effective booster vaccination, the so-called “booster” always requires a total of three vaccinations. This also applies “to any combination with the COVID-19 vaccine of the company Janssen or Johnson & Johnson”.

At the same time, however, the country has recently introduced the group of people who have been “freshly vaccinated”. These are people who have been vaccinated twice and for whom the second vaccination was more than 14 but less than 90 days ago.

There are also new exceptions to the obligation to test for people who have recovered:

– In principle, people who have been vaccinated at least once before or after a Covid-19 infection are exempt from compulsory testing.

– An exception applies to recovered persons for whom the infection or the PCR test confirming it occurred more than 27 but less than 90 days ago. This group of people can be described as “newly recovered” and therefore does not require additional vaccination.

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has published a handout with the essential regulations. The new version does not contain any other relevant changes.

January 13

The pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 continues to occupy us in the new year. We would like to inform you about the significant changes that come into force today and the key points of the current support programme. At the same time, we wish you all the best for the year 2022.

New Corona Protection Ordinance: “2G plus” in the catering industry. Based on the decisions of the Minister Presidents’ Conference last Friday, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia has published a new Corona Protection Ordinance. The current ordinance comes into force today and is initially valid until February 9 2021.

The most important innovations include “2G plus”, This formula also applies in the catering industry as of today. Only the collection of food and beverages is exempt. In company canteens, the additional testing obligation only applies to those who are not employed by the company. As in previous weeks, “2G plus” is also mandatory for the joint exercise of sports indoors such as in in fitness studios.

This essential new regulation also concerns “2G plus”. As of today, persons who have received a further vaccine dose as a booster vaccination in addition to the basic vaccination are exempt from the testing obligation. The number of vaccinations required for basic immunisation is determined by the federal “Covid 19 Protection Measures Exemption Ordinance” and by the Paul Ehrlich Institute. According to this, persons who have received a vaccination with the vaccine from Janssen-Cilag or Johnson & Johnson are considered to be fully vaccinated. Thus, in this case, an exception of two vaccinations are sufficient for the status as “boosted”. For other vaccines, three doses are required for this.

Bridging aid IV can still be applied for until April 30 2022 via third parties such as tax consultants. Similar to its predecessor, Bridging Assistance IV is aimed at companies, self-employed individuals and freelancers from all sectors who are affected by the pandemic. Part of the fixed costs are reimbursed, depending on the amount of the sales slump suffered.

Among the innovations of Bridging Assistance IV is the treatment of voluntary closures, which were not previously recognised as corona-related by the predecessor programmes. Sales losses as a result of a voluntary closure are now recognised if ordered corona access restrictions or comparable measures make it uneconomical to maintain business operations. Control costs for the implementation of access restrictions such as 2G or 2G plus are also recognised as additional material and personnel costs.

On the other hand, subsidies for investments in structural measures for the implementation of hygiene concepts and digitalisation were cancelled, since according to the Federal Ministry of Economics, these measures have already been completed in the majority of companies. Parallel to this, solo self-employed persons can also apply for the new start-up aid 2022. You can find out more about this on the homepage.

By Vincent Green, Jan 13 2022

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As is the case across the globe, life in Germany has been heavily impacted by the Corona virus known as Covid19. While society is going through many stages of the pandemic, the Office of Economic Development is informing the business community and beyond.

Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung Neuss
Oberstrasse 7-9
41460 Neuss
+49 2131 903 101