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April 1 - September 30 2026

© Stadt Neuss
© Stadt Neuss

Germany has long been aware of the importance of nature and integrating green spaces within the urban landscape. While the country’s first Bundesgartenschau was held in 1951, the first state interpretation, so-called, Landesgartenschau was held in North Rhine Westphalia during 1984.

LAGA 2026

As the proud host of NRW State Garden Show 2026, Neuss has formulated fascinating intentions. At its core, the Rennbahnpark will become a real park for the citizens of the city with an event space, sports and play facilities, green corridors and access points from new residential areas as well as the creation of a new promenade or Rhine boulevard.

Plans include the green linking of the Obererft canal, the Hammfeld residential area, upgrading the sports harbour, redesigning the Wendersplatz and construction of a new bicycle pathway.

The project promises the city attractive subsidies for development of the urban environment and the event activities. Laga 2026 is also expected to attract as many as 650,000 visitors to Neuss.

The organisation of the state horticultural show is a central building block and crowd puller in the creation of a genuine, easily accessible, local recreational zone. Other aspects include a sports and play area with versatile design, upgrading of the Globe theatre environment as well as new residential development.

By Vincent Green, Apr 5 2022

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Art venues and museums in and around Neuss regularly present selections of their fine pieces in well presented exhibitions. They often exhibit fascinating and rare works from across the globe with exhibitions of loaned works of art.

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Happenings can vary from celebrations to mark an opening or anniversary to a market or a one off concert. The community is quick to pick up on such events, creating gatherings large and small.




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